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Scarpetta Restaurant in Albert Park was born out of a love of tradition, food, wine and passion. Italian tradition has passed through generations of the Scarpetta family and been brought to life in Albert Park. Although quality produce and superb food are the cornerstones of our values, fine wine and fantastic company complete the trifecta to create a perfect meal. We are passionate about sharing our appetite for Italian tradition, food and hospitality with you.

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{noun scar-pet-ta; verb scar-pet-ta}

scarpetta [noun]; little shoe, an essential part of any Italian meal.

fare la scarpetta [verb]; the moment when a piece of bread transforms into a little shoe, sweeping across the plate to mop up the last delicious traces of a meal.

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Scarpetta Cucina e Bar, based in Albert Park, is renowned for its Pizza, Pasta and Steaks. We take pride in the ability that we can serve you the best meals, may that be our traditional pizzas, gourmet pizzas, pastas or any of our other meals.

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Scarpetta is an international chain of family restaurants.